Friday, December 12, 2008

The speaker boxes stopped making noise all together. Well, I stopped noticing them at least. The water is still, even though the wind blows colder and colder with each day. The light has been covered by blankets lately, which in turn, makes it harder to navigate the sea. It rained yesterday and I had nothing to protect myself with, so I spent the past few hours trying to empty my tub of water. Ironic, isn't it?

One of the other floaters started ignoring me the other day. It introduced a new set of feeling - the set you get when you stop existing in one's world. It was the first time it happened to me, but I have done this as well.

Back on land, there was a Person who I was quite fond of and that Person, the same. Two years were spent with the Person and after the first year, every day started to fall apart. Eventually, the fondness went the way of the days and I set sail into the sea. The Person watched me from the dock as I drifted away, keeping my back turned - I had already started to forget...

I've been out here for too long. One of the floaters says there is some land a while up the way. I hope this place is different from the docks.

That chain took forever to break.

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brandon said...

a shoreline tells many tales. i wade as i listen. many truths have been revealed to me in the depths of the sea, but the shoreline begs for attention. even the lowly bagfish surfaces in the evening wake to hear.
but today a radiance fanned out in the grey. the tales grew eyes and mouths and tried to swallow me. but i returned to the deep. i am seldom bothered there, give or take an empty glass of wine, upsetting a theory of ingenuity.
but otherwise it finds me there.
it finds me well, i am subject to floating. it crosses my mind quite often to leave the deep behind and become a surface drifter such as yourself. never again will i give the shoreline a second of my time.