Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cutting the anchor lets me float freely across the sea. It's not the worst place to be, floating in the middle of something snuggled warmly in your makeshift bathtub boat. I've been afloat here for quite some time now (several months) and I've already found those who have done the same. Each one of us has our own destination to arrive to, but for right now, it seems that we are all content with floating.

Sleep does not come easy, but its foolish to think that something as wonderful as such would come easy when you aren't in your old bed. While the others slept, I've sat in the darkness, watching shapes cast in the water. It is a common belief that Cthulhu exists only in fiction, but that would be false. I do believe there is something in the shadows... Something IS the shadow. I feel as if it watches me sleep. I don't care at all once sleep arrives, but the constant waiting and staring really takes a toll on my person.

I'm awoken to the new sun by the digital foul that trace the skies, as are the rest of the floaters here. I don't think they view the little demons like I do. No, that would be selfish to think of their thoughts as mine. The foul would drive any man insane, with the constant tweet-tweet that comes from their speakerboxes.

They used to play music.

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